SixThirty: Accelerating FinTech Execution

St. Louis, in American history, is known as the gateway to the new territory most famously embodied in the Gateway Arch. It feels appropriate that SixThirty, a proud MEDICI partner and FinTech seed fund and go-to-market program, has taken and entered a new level for matching financial services incumbents and promising startups.

I caught up with Atul Kamra, SixThirty’s Managing Partner, to understand the rationale behind their recent partnership announcement. You can read the entire press release at the end of the article. We see a lot of innovation programs, accelerators, and incubators; what I like the most about SixThirty’s approach is the focus on execution and implementation. You’ll see this emphasized by Atul, and in a world of ‘money raised = success,’ it’s nice to see a team focused on just getting it done.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Patrick Rivenbark: How is this partnership deal and what you’re creating differentiating you from these well-known programs like TechStars, Y Combinator, or 500 startups?

Atul Kamra: We consider ourselves the leading – if not one of the leading – FinTech seed fund and business development programs in the world. I think the thing that differentiates SixThirty the most (and has consistently differentiated us) is the willingness of our corporate partners, mentors, and senior executives to actually work in the trenches with our portfolio company founders and CEOs.

This is not about sprinkling fairy dust or about ...

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