Small-Business Insurance: InsurTech-Powered Next-Gen Financial Support for Startups and SMEs

Small businesses often face bigger risks in terms of managing their finances and employees due to unforeseen events or the lack of funding. This would apply especially to organizations that have just started or are operating at a very small level. Even with insurance solutions catering to the needs of various kinds of major businesses, finding insurance solutions that specifically address the capital shortage issues and needs of small businesses were not present until very recently. This is where small-business insurance can come in handy for owners of businesses that have not yet reached a stage where they are willing to spend much on insurance.

What Is Small-Business Insurance?

Small-business insurance is the term associated with the individual, often also including bundled insurance policies designed to protect and cover the assets and income of small businesses. Under this umbrella term, business owners can choose to claim money against damages to assets, machinery, or any business interruptions, depending on the coverage that they opt for. Small-business ...

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