Smart Black Friday: A Satispay Payment Every Two Seconds

Milan, November 28, 2016. Satispay, the young Italian company that is revolutionizing the mobile payment sector, has inaugurated the 2016 Christmas shopping season with the hugely successful Smart Black Friday.

On the November 25, Italy saw a surge in mobile payments via Satispay in more than 4,000 affiliated shops across the country. The service even reached a noteworthy transaction rate of one payment every two seconds. Transactions made throughout the day averaged at 23€. In total, the company recorded 21,600 transactions and a total payment volume of 500,000€.

Black Friday also positively impacted Satispay’s user base as more than 1,500 people signed up on the day. In fact, the number of subscribers still continues to exceed the average of 400 users per day.

Alberto Dalmasso, Satispay CEO, declared, Black Friday represents an important trial that has produced extraordinary results. Stores located in areas where the concentration of Satispay users is particularly high, showed that up to 90% of payments made on Black Friday were via Satispay. This suggests the app’s potential as a tool for attracting customers.

The Satispay community continues to grow more active, currently using the app at an average of 6 times per month (credit/debit cards have an average usage of 2.8 times per month in Italy). There are over 8,500 affiliated stores throughout Italy. This number is growing at a rate of 50 new merchants per day. These data collectively provide evidence of a phenomenon that has exploded thanks to the advantages that Satispay offers its users.

With 150,000 downloads per day, 8,500 active shops and a daily increase of 400 users, Satispay is the first and only mobile payment service that provides a cheap and easy solution, allowing anyone with a bank account to pay friends and stores from their smartphone.

About Satispay:

Satispay is a mobile payment system that allows users to transfer money using an alternative network that doesn’t rely on credit and debit cards. The service is efficient, free and secure. Available for download for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, Satispay can be used by anyone with a bank account. Sending money to phone contacts and paying in stores (online and physical) is as easy as sending a message or checking-in on social media. Satispay SpA is an innovative startup and a result of the hard work of a young Italian team. To date, the company has received investments from both institutional and private investors and has raised € 8.5 million.