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Payment Industry News for today from our News Aggregation wing:

1. Theguardian - Smartphone swipe payment scheme unveiled

'Mobile payments are the thing that everybody’s talked about but nobody’s managed to do,' said Weve chief executive David Sear. 'It’s been a mess. We bring scale and people with mobile devices. Mastercard is doing the same for bank customers – one infrastructure provided by Mastercard talking to one infrastructure provided by us.

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2. Banktech - Fifth Third Launches Enhanced Payment Solutions For Commercial Card Customers

Fifth Third Bank announced this week it is rolling out enhancements to its electronic accounts payable offering, Card Payables, for commercial card customers. Card Payables is designed to allow commercial customers to streamline accounts payable processes, improve reporting capabilities, enable easier and faster payments to their vendors, and reduce the amount of checks being issued, the bank said

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3. Balkans - Turkey has the third highest level of credit card adoption in Europe

Most game developers partnering with Xsolla choose to global. And by saying global, we mean it: we carefully research the gaming market in every region, from Vatican to the Philippines and enable local payment methods in each of them. Players tend to have more trust in local payment methods they know, so games that offer their users local payments enjoy an increased flow of transactions.

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4. money.cnn - Why Americans love prepaid cards

The cards aren't attached to bank accounts, and you can load and withdraw as much money as you want onto them from ATMs and make payments anywhere that debit or credit cards are accepted. And since you can only spend the amount that you've placed on the card, there's no risk of overdrawing your account and getting hit with overdraft fees.

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