Solve Regulatory Compliance With Disruptive Technologies: Join Virtusa xLabs - Google Cloud Regathon Now!

By 2020, RegTech will become a $100-billion-dollar business. Join Virtusa xLabs - Google Cloud Regathon to solve regulatory compliance with cutting-edge technology.

Virtusa, a leading worldwide provider of IT consulting and outsourcing services with a broad range of clients – including Virgin Media, RBS, Barclays, & Vodafone – has partnered with Google to introduce the Virtusa - Google Hackathon.

The Virtusa xLabs are set up to help incumbent banks to accelerate their innovation process. The xLabs provide an environment in the cloud which utilizes built-in sandboxes and a banking data model to run rapid experiments and turn ideas into MVPs.

The xLabs’ aim is to bring down the time and cost of developing new ideas by providing an environment for rapid prototype development. By partnering with emerging FinTechs, their aim is to help you to identify the right FinTechs to rapidly bootstrap your capabilities & offerings.

In a joint venture, Virtusa and Google are seeking participants from the banking and RegTech worlds who are keen to solve regulatory compliance with disruptive technologies.

Throughout the Regathon, Google and Virtusa will provide the community of banking professionals and talented RegTech entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn how disruptive technologies can help solve risk and regulatory problems more efficiently. The Regathon will bring together FinServ industry professionals and RegTech startups that develop the cutting-edge solutions needed to reduce the cost of compliance.

Through a series of presentation and a hackathon, participants will be able to learn how cloud & API platforms are going to transform the future of risk & regulatory technology; they will also be able to share knowledge gained from diverse experience in the financial services industry – both from an institutional and startup perspectives.

The Virtusa - Google Cloud Regathon will take place on November 28–29 at the London Google Academy.

Regathon Focus Problems

The event focuses on three main problems that disruptive technology can solve for regulatory compliance:

1. How can banks leverage disruptive technologies such as AI, Blockchain, API/microservices to reduce the cost of compliance?

2. How can Google Cloud Platform (GCP) components be leveraged to meet MiFID II, GDPR, and PSD2 requirements?

3. What RegTech solutions are worth looking at and how can banks evaluate them?

Virtusa xLabs - Google Cloud Regathon Highlights

November 28, 2017

November 29, 2017

  • Keynote – "Complexities of Risk & Regulatory Landscape and Emerging Trends
  • Virtusa – How Disruptive Technologies [AI, Blockchain, API, Cloud, etc.] Are Reshaping RegTech Landscape"
  • Google – "Overview of Google Cloud Platform
  • Risk & Regulatory Landscape From a RegTech perspective – By a RegTech CXO.
  • Hackathon Overview
  • Hackathon – Powered by Virtusa RegTech API Sandbox
  • Award Ceremony
  • Closing notes

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