Solving the Globalization Puzzle for Mobile Payments: World Wallet?

Have you ever thought that if you are from Germany or India and you have your own mobile wallets in your country that you use and then you came to the states for a trip and none of your wallets worked... How much would it 'hurt'? Many people would have already experienced the issue but they don't mind it. We expect many things won't work when you travel abroad. But the millennials are not expecting the same. Many business travelers are also expecting that we could solve the issue. Maybe have a Global Mobile Wallet or maybe have the wallets auto-magically work on each other's rail.

Maybe 'hurt' is a strong word for many people that are not like me. Maybe you will feel as if you are going back in time when your mobile wallet doesn't work abroad. You will feel that while people around you are using Venmo and Dwolla, you are still stuck with 'cash' and credit cards. Worst of all, attendants at POS are swip ...

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