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Square Wallet Ejected from iOS and Android, Substituted with Pickup App

A couple of weeks back, Square announced Square Pickup as well as two additional features to its platform. On 12th May 2014, the company removed its Square Wallet app – which was launched in 2011 - from the app store as well as Google play, due to an indifferent response from consumers. This was rapidly replaced by Square Order.

The Square Wallet enabled restaurant goers and merchants to utilize payment information stored within the app to pay for goods. This was done by checking into a shop through the app and then just giving a cashier his or her name at checkout. However, as the company acknowledges themselves – Square Wallet never really caught on with consumers. Even the deal with Starbucks did not provide Square Wallet the pushing it required, according to Recode.

“Square Wallet provided a very magical experience but didn’t have a lot of the utility value. It only took two meetings to come to the decision to remove Wallet from the app store,” Square’s Ajit Varma told Recode. “We want to make it really clear to people looking for Square in the App Store that Order is where we see the future,” he added.

  • Square began testing its Orderahead or Pickup feature in February.
  • Square Order enables consumers to place their order beforehand at local businesses and skip the queue when they arrive at the restaurant to pick up the food or coffee.
  • The new app will automatically notify the user when his order is ready.
  • Squares service can be used by both big and small businesses, says the company.
  • Whole Foods is participating in San Francisco, with New York City as the second launch market.
  • Square is also requesting its users to suggest any local businesses they imagine would make a good fit for the order ahead feature.

“We’re taking everything we learned from Wallet and what people love in Wallet and building it into Square Order. We think it’s an even better experience that offers buyers more utility,” Square said in a statement.“We will continue to support our Square Wallet customers. We are encouraging new customers in the App store to download Square Order, the app that we will continue to build on moving forward.”

Square Pickup:

  • The new pickup feature integrates perfectly with Square Register. This implies that merchants can fulfill customer orders in-person as well as online.
  • Merchants can now run their rush hours proficiently and provide a better customer experience, states their blog.

How does it work?

  • The pickup feature is available to all merchants at 8% processing fee per order.
  • An introductory offer places this figure at 2.75% until July 1st.
  • Setup as well as Access is free of cost, and merchants receive payment the next business day.


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