Starbucks Gained 3 Million Additional Active Mobile Wallet Users

Starbucks' mobile wallet app, which was introduced in 2010, has now gained 16 million active users who are making eight million mobile payments a week. This equates to about 19% of all the transactions in their US stores. After launching this mobile wallet app in Germany and France, the company is preparing to roll out its successful Mobile Order and Pay service across the US, UK, and Canada before the end of 2015.

The current figures of the coffee giant’s mobile wallet app represent a growth of three million users and one million weekly payments. In its financial quarter ending December 28th, 2014, Starbucks had in excess of 13 million mobile app users in the United States.

The company is delighted with the initial results of their new service Mobile Order and Pay, which was first piloted in its Portland stores during December of last year. This pre-order service is being expanded to stores across the Pacific Northwest region, in states like Washington, Seattle, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska. Mobile Order & Pay is seamlessly integrated into the Starbucks' mobile app and the My Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. Mobile Order & Pay allows customers to place orders before they arrive at the store and pick them up at their chosen Starbucks store. According to the company’s latest figures, this mobile ordering capability is now available in over 600 stores across the Pacific Northwest.

With plans to continue the national roll out, Starbucks has committed to enhancing the customer experience, the ease of use for both customers and partners (baristas), which is expected to increase speed of service, drive incremental transactions, and increase output throughout Starbucks stores.

With more than 16 million active users of Starbuck’s mobile app in US alone, the company aims to drive a significant increase in mobile payment transactions in stores across the US. The coffee giant is also investing in digital solutions to automate store tasks, freeing up their partners to focus more of their time and attention on customer engagement.

To simplify things like order and inventory management, Starbucks is also planning to deploy handheld devices connected with the scanners. The company has also revealed more details about its prospect of white labeling its mobile payments platform.

There is no doubt that Starbucks has had the most success with their in-store mobile payments experience and is held up as a shining example in the space. Now, the coffee giant is trying to create more revenue opportunities for itself by expanding into new geographies.