Startup Accelerators in Africa Empowering Top Tech Talent on the Continent

Africa’s startup ecosystem has been actively growing in recent years and attracting the attention of large institutions and bright entrepreneurs as a highly potent market. In addition to banks and talented workforce, there are also dedicated accelerator programs easing the way for innovation into one of the largest unserved markets that dropped out of sight of the financial system. Let’s look at some of them.


ActivSpaces is a tech hub that runs centers aimed at providing resources to technology startups. ActivSpaces runs two programs, an incubation program and an acceleration program. The incubator supports startups by providing them with an office space, internet connection, business coaching, and a community of like-minded individuals and experts.

The accelerator program helps startups to secure investments by aligning them with mentors, assisting them in incorporation, assisting them in driving growth, and providing seed funding for their operations. Startups will also be introduced to a network of investors.

Africa Startup Ecosystem

Africa Startup Ecosystem is the digital accelerator flagship program for Africa under its global subsidiary – Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE). The network hosts the largest online three-day digital accelerator program for entrepreneurs residing in or affiliated with Africa. The network also provides regional tech summits, ecosystem programs, boot camps, ecosystem tours, and initiatives to accelerate innovation and ecosystem development under GSE’s sponsorship.

AlphaCode Club

AlphaCode is a collaborative club for entrepreneurs in next-generation financial services based in Sandton, South Africa. Fully funded by the RMI, AlphaCode doesn’t charge entrepreneurs for membership. However, there are four membership models for startups ...

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