Strategic Analysis of US Personal Finance & Money Management Market: A New Report

The need of managing finances became clear after the 2008 global crisis as most of the households faced financial difficulties. Keeping a budget and managing personal finances is often a time-consuming task and a struggle for many people. One of the most important factors of managing finances is financial planning which involve analyzing the financial position and setting long-term and short-term goals. But the process is still cumbersome for most of us. According to a study, one in two US consumers has said that they would like their bank or credit union to give them a single view of all their financial accounts in one place. In the past few years, personal finance apps have helped the consumers in tasks like paying bills and balancing & tracking of accounts. PFM and wealth management apps act as effective tools to track your data across multiple sources like banks accounts, payment cards; capture data beyond your cards and accounts and help establish your entire investment portfolio. Wit ...

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