How will Chinese and Indian Fintech Ecosystems Evolve Post COVID-19?

China and India are the largest FinTech ecosystems globally. With COVID-19 having a significant impact on both economies, Virtual FinTech Fair (VFF) brings to you, top thought leaders from both regions for a nuanced discussion on how the ecosystems will evolve post-COVID-19 for Banking, Startups, and Investments. This panel is hosted by VFF as a community event of the StartmeupHK Festival. VFF is Asia's Premier Virtual FinTech Event to be held on the 4th & 5th of August. The Fair will be an interactive and exclusively online event showcasing FinTech companies and conference, held through a reputed vendor. The event will be showcasing 100+ FinTech companies from across Asia and hosting 3000+ delegates for thought leadership sessions by top speakers from across the world. Register now:

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