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One Country per Month | FinTech Progress in Indonesia: Banking, Retail, Mobile Services and Digital

FinTech is a hot topic at this moment. During the last five years, the world has witnessed many innovative changes in business models, customer experience, and delivery of banking, credit, and retail operations in South East Asia. It is important to be informed and understand what is happening in Asia, and more specifically, in Indonesia. We'll discover how banking, retail and mobile services in Indonesia have become more intelligent and more responsive, with insights from our expert guests. Vishal Tulsian is the President Director & CEO of PT Bank Amar. Vishal has more than 20 years of experience as a financial expert and intrapreneur and has served as an executive in several large and multinational corporations, including launching the pioneering FinTech product ‘Tunaiku.’ Dony Yuliardi is a startup founder whose credits include Rastek.ID and Roompy. Dony has extensive experience in telecommunications and working with banks as well as in product development, market strategy, and mobile devices. Tommy Singgih is an established banking and payments veteran in Indonesia and brings considerable local texture to our analysis. For more information on MEDICI's initiative of a new global FinTech industry for the benefit of enterprises, startups and investors, visit For an exclusive MEDICI Inner Circle subscription to access proprietary analysis of 13,000+ FinTechs* and global deal sourcing, 100+ Research Reports and analysis of leading FinTech Players & Unlimited access to MEDICI insights, visit Also, visit us at Instagram: Twitter: