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Financial Infra. APIs - With Nikhil Kumar - Cofounder, Setu

In this episode, MEDICI talks to Nikhil Kumar, Cofounder, Setu. Setu provides modular APIs for FinTechs to embed financial services capabilities into their apps. In this conversation, Nikhil talks about the ambitions of Setu, challenges in operating with the ecosystem and why he thinks the only way for FinTechs large and small to succeed is distinct value accrual in the value chain 01:55 - Genesys and the role Setu plays in the India FinTech ecosystem 10:53 - Problem statements that Setu is addressing and how do you prioritize it in a scenario with large demand-supply gaps 19:30 - Operational and technology challenges in working and integrating with partners, how is it improving with standardization 27:05 - With more standardization and improving availability of Fin. Infra APIs, how do you see small and newer fintech companies competing with larger players like BigTech and verticalized SaaS companies 33:45 - How can companies stand apart even as everyone moves towards a standardized way of accessing products and services from their backend partners. How can they do this beyond user experience and distribution 36:50 - How can new intermediaries like Account Aggregators and Loan Service Providers that are emerging out of public good initiatives like AA and OCEN run sustainable businesses. Will the increasing number of intermediaries increase transaction cost