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Global BaaS Platforms - With Prajit Nanu, CEO & Co-founder - Nium

In this episode, MEDICI talks to Prajit Nanu, CEO & Co-founder of Nium. Nium is one of the few BaaS platforms with a global presence. The best way to look at Nium is like a universal plug to financial services. In this conversation, Prajit talks about the journey from InstaRem to Nium, the approach to scaling across different markets, strategies to do so, the significance of human capital, and more... 01:45 – How do you describe the opportunity in BaaS 04:50 – What businesses and segments are the most demand for BaaS services coming from 09:13 – Nium’s offerings, capabilities, and coverage 15:17 – What are the top 2-3 aspects that help a platform like Nium scale globally, keeping costs under control and drawing economies of scale 22:40 – Significance of M&A to growth. Considerations in organic Vs inorganic growth 25:15 - The importance of human capital. What functions are more important than others? 30:07 – Reasons for pulling out of Singapore digital banking license application and views on neobanking 36:14 – What keeps you up at night, unsolved challenges… 38:40 – Future outlook. Large BaaS platform or a large B2C financial services company?