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Lending-as-a-Service - With Mikhil Innani, Managing Director, Apollo Finvest Ltd.

Apollo Finvest positions itself as the AWS of lending in India with the capability to enable any company to offer lending within 48 hours. A technologist at heart, Mikhil speaks about the vision of the company and the hard work that goes into building a platform which is fit to purpose across various client segments, among many other things. 01:18 - What kind of lending capabilities does the platform offer? Tell us a little bit more about ‘enabling any company to offer lending in 48 hours’ 14:50 – What kind of companies do you provide capital with – how young, how mature? 17:38 – What should companies do if they are interested in partnering with you? 20:50 - Can we discuss a bit in detail your tech stack and architecture? - What is the adoption of white-labeled consumer apps considering most companies prefer to build this themselves. 24:53 – How can companies differentiate themselves from other partners on your platform. What is the level of configurability to support this? 27:50 – How do you manage processes that are complex orchestrations – E.g. opening accounts. How much of that burden are you taking away from the partner 34:35 – How much of your platform did you build grounds up Vs renting/buying 38:15 - Can you explain a bit about the asset reconstruction and loan securitization services you have? This does not seem like a typical FinTech play. What is the target segment here and how does it work? 43:33 – Where do you think collections technology is today in India? 45:21 – Pharma, OTT, and now Banking/Lending – 10X engineer? 48:03 – The potential for account opening as a service

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