SumAll partners with MasterCard to Simplify Commerce platform

Merchants and Small businesses usually have a hard time trying to figure out the most optimal online marketing and eCommerce strategies to adopt. SumAll announced a partnership with Mastercard on 14th November 2013 to enable businesses to accept mobile and eCommerce payments, regardless of payment brand within a few minutes.

SumAll was founded in May 2011 by Dane Atkinson (CEO) and is based out of New York. The company has received a total funding of $11.5 Mn through investors including Battery Ventures, Wellington Partners and General Catalyst Partners. SumAll counts around 100,000 existing customers which includes many Fortune 500 companies. The company has seen greater than 1,000% year-on-year growth according to Catherine Gluckstein ( VP, Business Development).

SumAll is integrating with MasterCard under its Simplify Commerce SMB-focused cross-platform, mobile and online payments platform. This isn’t the companies first integration however. eBay, Amazon, PayPal,, Magento, Facebook, Shopify, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Adwords and Google Analytics are among the 30 data sources listed by the company.

This is a video giving an overview of SumAll’s platform:

  • SumAll’s analytics platform enables merchants to see data trends and understand what’s driving site visits and revenue better. It even allows them to follow marketing effectiveness in real time.
  • The platform measures various channels such as revenue, ecommerce platforms, digital marketing efforts, web analytics and even social efforts in a single chart.
  • Seeing all of this data in one place, instead of scattered across each tool's homepage, helps users see new business strategies and insights.
  • SumAll makes data interactive, manageable and useful to companies via its real-time data dashboard which is free.
  • It facilitates the integration of multiple data sources into a single intuitive and interactive chart. SumAll can be viewed on a tablet, Web browser and smart phone.

The partnership between SumAll and MasterCard was initiated by the latter. SumAll had to rebuild its system to accommodate the payments model and Simplify Commerce Data according to Catherine Gluckstein. She says that SumAll will measure the success of this partnership in terms of two KPIs: the number of signups driven, and the level of engagement of those new customers.

Simplify Commerce by MasterCard was launched in June 2013. The solution seeks to streamline the process of accepting and integrating electronic payments from any or all of the major brands. Merchants can open an account with Simplify Commerce within a few minutes and begin accepting e - payments on their smartphone or website.

The caliber of SumAll’s analytic capabilities is an extremely compelling tool for merchants. The insight that they can offer merchants, combined with the insights from Simplify Commerce’s payments data, allows for a wider runway for merchants to understand how to grow their business. said Rahul Deshpande (Technical Evangelist, Simplify Commerce).

Recently, SumAll also integrated Foursquare to add location to its data visualization platform. This collaboration enables businesses to compare virtual website visits to physical brick and mortar store visits and gain information as to what type of customer promotions and digital marketing would be the most efficient method of driving revenue through increased visits.