One Swiss Company is Exploding on the Online Payments Scene

SecurionPay, a Swiss payment platform has reported extraordinary growth of 627% over the past year.

The company aims to continue keeping pace with the latest technical advancements, including machine learning and plans to roll out powerful new updates to continue giving both merchants and their customers a one-of-a-kind payment experience.

Over the coming years, the need for simplified payments will grow expeditiously. We can see that recent advances in technology are making payment companies more competitive than ever, says SecurionPay CEO Lucas Jankowiak.

The Swiss payment provider is focusing on simplifying the payment process and making the onboarding process for merchants as easy as possible. SecurionPay has created its APIs with the expectations of both developers and merchants in mind so they can easily control the entire shopping process. It’s also easier to manage customer behavior and react immediately when something unexpected happens.

We’ve been analyzing the payment market for years and know exactly what today’s customers want and what are the problems they struggle with the most. Bearing this in mind, we’ve focused on delivering the most innovative technology and solution that will save their time and grow their sales, explains Lucas Jankowiak.

SecurionPay brings together features to grow sales, highly-effective anti-fraud tools, and the technology that helps merchants get the most accurate results. Its internal analyses show that most of the merchants using cross-sales features noticed their sales grow by double digits.

All the features, such as one-click payments, are also available on mobile so it appears to be a perfect solution for online consumers that like to buy at a fast pace.

What’s more, a Swiss company is presenting a different approach to non-invasive 3D Secure authentication that doesn’t affect conversions. Merchants can set up the feature themselves and choose the right protection level for their business. This approach makes it possible to use 3D Secure to accept transactions even if a customer’s card is not enrolled in the program and when a user with an enrolled card doesn’t provide a PIN or when there’s a PIN error. This doesn’t kill a merchant’s conversion rate thanks to the superior UX that doesn’t interrupt the payment process.

We know that merchants usually think that using 3D Secure will scare their customers away. They need to know that we’re delivering a smart solution that won’t hurt their conversion rate, says SecurionPay's CEO.

Merchants can also diversify risk and prevent technical failures by splitting their online payment transactions between multiple bank accounts. They don’t even have to be PCI-compliant. SecurionPay, with its infrastructure, takes it upon themselves to take care of the compliance process.

To streamline business performance, SecurionPay also helps merchants prevent card expiration problems by automatically updating data. This is especially important for subscription-based businesses. This handy feature can reduce customer cancellation rates by delivering a smoother customer experience.

The company works with various industries and, with their highly secure payments operations, they have become a partner of choice for the dating industry. By partnering with a range of major banks, SecurionPay continues to compete for other markets as well.

We see that many payment providers appear to lag behind with their technology and the quality of their service, explains Jankowiak. That’s why we work with major European and international banks to deliver a solution that comes with today’s merchants and their customers’ expectations.

With a strong presence with offices located around Europe – in Wroclaw, Barcelona, Zurich, and London – SecurionPay aims to continue setting new standards in the payments industry.

The company is about to release even more features to help merchants monetize their existing database and establish external deals with partners in a fast and easy way.

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