Swoop Finds new Inventory for Search Marketers, Raised $11.3 Mn

Swoop finds new search inventory for search marketers. They do it in high value verticals like Health, Auto, Finance, CPG and Travel. They specialize in selected organic search result. The Cambridge startup aims to create a less invasive and more targeted way of putting ads on web pages.

Swoop was co-founded by Ron Elwell (CEO) and Simeon Simenov (CTO) in 2011. The company has received a total funding of $11.3 Mn through investors some of which are US Venture Partners, Valhalla Partners, and General Catalyst. Swoop is headquartered in Cambridge, USA.

Some of the Partners that Swoop has worked with:

Whats in it for Publishers:

Not Ads, Content: Using search targeting Swoop provide your readers the content they are looking for. The company says that its goal is to improve your users' experience.

New Budgets, New Units: 50% of digital advertising goes to search. Swoop brings those budgets to your content with highly engaging units that provide a match between intent and ads.

Quality Control: Swoop says that they brand everything they do as they take personal responsibility to ensure the quality and integrity of every campaign.

Whats in it for Advertisers:

Post-Search Engagement: Swoop says that it lives in the content of the selected search result. A level deeper in the funnel, a more qualified prospect results in deeper engagement and improved ROI.

Download your AdWords: Simply download your AdWords campaigns and you can leave the rest to Swoop. Same targeting, consumer intent as well as business model.

Innovative Search: Rather than relying on a summary of a page, Swoop’s search engine enables the extraction and targeting of multiple 'search queries' within a single page, says the company.