Analytics is Essential Ingredient for Customer Engagement Solutions at Symphony EYC

February 18, 2015

Symphony EYC was formed in 2012 through the merger of Aldata and EYC. The company works with retailers and manufacturers to develop retail software that will enhance customer engagement solutions and optimize business operations. The company’s goal is to create a unified omni-channel for customer experience by aligning strategy and planning development, marketing, merchandising and purchasing operations, inventory management, and supply chain productivity.

Symphony EYC has invested heavily in CRM and analytics technology. The company works on customer behavioral analytics to provide insights for merchants and category managers as part of its Customer Insights solutions. This allows retailers to pinpoint effective pricing and promotion opportunities to drive customer loyalty. Manufacturers can utilize Symphony’s cloud based platform to collaborate more effectively with retail partners to meet customer demand.

To sum it up, Symphony’s solutions are primarily focused towards these four aspects:

  • STP analysis on customer base
  • Analytics driven insights
  • Effective Digital marketing
  • Maintain Omni-Channel experience throughout

For its proximity marketing initiatives, Symphony is working on a technology that is neither NFC nor beacons. The company is working with FAL Solutions to develop this technology. This patented technology is called magnetic fingerprinting, which boasts a plethora of advantages such as its lack of battery issues as with beacons, one-time required setup procedure, and the absence of many previous privacy issues (due to it only being enabled when the customer accesses the merchant’s app). Once the setup and configurations are done, devices enabled by this technology can send promotions and offers to retailers’ app users within proximity.

Symphony EYC is working with Certona on a white label product for content personalization in ecommerce applications. Certona is known for its suite of Personalized Experience Management solutions that empower digital marketers and merchandisers to create hyper-personalized experiences across customer touch points. Certona’s cloud based platform makes use of one-to-one behavioral profiling, Big Data insights, and predictive analytics to serve up individualized content, promotional offers and product recommendations to these touch points.

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