SystemSpecs Offers Massive Waiver to NSC, Online Payment with Remita

It was announced on 3rd April 2014, that more than 10,000 NCS (Nigeria Computer Society Members) will remit their annual dues to NCS via electronic payment platform – Remita. The management team of SystemSpecs - the Nigerian software house behind Remita - offered a massive waiver to NCS that resulted in a boost to the CBN’s (Central Bank of Nigeria) cashless policy.

Remita is an e-Payment, e-Collection andPayroll & Biometrics solution designed to meet the most basic as well asthe most demanding requirements of all public and private sector organizationsirrespective of size or peculiar requirements. It is a shared services platform linking all banks in Nigeria.

With this new development:

  • NCS individual members will issue standing orders through Remita’s platform to their respective banks.
  • The banks would then remit the various payments to NCS’ bank accounts.
  • SystemSpecs has waived its normal standing orders fees for NCS members for the 2014 annual dues.
  • This move is fashioned to demonstrate its commitment towards ensuring that NCS members fully embrace the electronic remittance initiative in compliance with the CBN’s policy.

With this gesture, our objective is obvious. We want to reduce people’s need for handwriting cheque. We want to reduce the need to make payments using physical cash. For routine payments like membership fees, subscription payments, among others, you do not have to keep writing cheques all the time. Individuals can use Remita to hand-write a cheque normally or issue standing order payments, said SystemSpecs CEO, John Obaro. These are what the CBN’s cashless policy is about, he added.

Some features of their platform:

Salary remittance: Remita enables organizations to make direct payments to their employees’ accounts.

Vendors, Contractor & Other Third Remittance: Remita allows individuals and organizations to issue electronic cheques to vendors and other third parties.

Pension Remittance: Remita enables organizations to make pension contribution payment to relevant PFA accounts held in the custody of Pension Fund Custodians (PFC).

PAYE Tax Remittance: Remita enables organizations to make PAYE tax payments to appropriate Boards of Internal Revenue.

Personal Remittance: Remita enables you as an individual to make payments to beneficiary accounts in your bank or any other bank from the comfort of your home or office.