T-Mobile launches Mobile Money an un-carrier style app, card, account, Personal Finance...

Mobile Money by T-Mobile

T-Mobile Frees Consumers From Outrageous Check Cashing Fees With Innovative New Smartphone Solution

Un-carrier brings its revolution to personal finance with Mobile Money by T-Mobile

T-Mobile Press Release, BELLEVUE, Wash. - Jan. 22, 2014 - Not content with upending just one industry, T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS) today announced the company is extending its Un-carrier consumer movement to personal finance - transforming smartphones into personal money managers that can free people from excessive fees they often pay to use their own money.

The company calls this next phase of its consumer revolution Mobile Money by T-Mobile®.

'We've already transformed how Americans use and pay for phones, tablets and wireless service; why stop there?' said John Legere, president and chief executive officer of T-Mobile. 'Millions of Americans pay outrageous fees to check cashers, payday lenders and other predatory businesses - just for the right to use their own mo ...

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