In Talks with Chen Amit, CEO of Tipalti that Raised $13 Mn

Q.) Just to start off with, how are things shaping up at Tipalti?

Chen: Business is fantastic. The company is growing quickly and the pace of growth is accelerating. We have had near perfect customer retention rates and our customers are very happy. Q4 2014 was by far our strongest quarter ever.

We also made some good progress on the recruiting front. We brought in Rob Israch, our CMO, who was previously a VP of Marketing at NetSuite. He and our head of sales were both busy recruiting and we’re starting the year with a strong team across all departments.

Q.) With the new round of funding and the setup of the new headquarters, what are key initiatives that the company is taking ahead from technology standpoint and the business standpoint?

Chen: We were fortunate to get funding when in the strong position where we did not need it. However we felt that it would allow us to invest in our growth and strengthen the company’s long term market position to have that equity, so we went and raised this recent round.

We have some pretty significant plans for this year. First and foremost, we will keep enhancing our offerings and increase our focus for our current markets – the Network Economy - including ad networks, affiliate networks, apps and gaming monetization, crowdsourcing, digital marketplaces, ecommerce, etc.

We are also constantly introducing more innovation and more value to our custom ...

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