Tapfunder, Enabling Individuals and Organizations to launch Mobile Donation Campaigns

Giving and receiving donations are not the smoothest of experiences. Most of the times you don't know where to start. Tapfunder, is a cloud based, self service platform that enables individuals and organizations to launch donation campaigns on their smartphone. A good cause, a good effort for the cause and donations go a long way and technologists are offering solutions to streamline this process. Even Google has an application in this direction called ‘One Today’ that we will discuss below.

Tapfunder was co-founded in March 2012 by Kelly McIvor, Amal Graafstra and Jon Pederson. The company has received a total funding of $25K. Their product was launched in December, 2012 and has signed up 150+ organizations till date.

This is a video that shows you how Tapfunder works:

About their platform:

  • Donors can begin a donation by texting the organization's keyword to the organization's assigned phone number.
  • The donor then sends a text with the amount they want to pledge/donate.
  • TapFunder then sends a link to a secure, mobile-optimized payment site where the donor can complete payment.
  • Organizations start by creating a TapFunder account, and selecting their desired keyword. They can now begin receiving pledges and donations.
  • The account setup process will automatically create a payment processing account at WePay.com, Tapfunder’s partner.
  • There is no set-up charge, monthly charge or % of donation charge. The only fee is $1 per completed donation.
  • TapFunder’s partner WePay.com charges $0.30 and 2.9% per transaction. Donations processed by WePay are available in the user’s WePay account immediately.

In June 2013, Tapfunder had tested out their app at a spring conference of the Northwest Development Officers Association (NDOA) in Bellevue. The results were tremendous. $2000 was raised by Tapfunder within a time frame of 10 mintues, with an average donation amount of $37.

Google recently rolled out an app called ‘One Today’ that aims to link up prospective people with causes that interest them and encourage donations as small as $1. A different project will be brought to focus every day, and the app informs the user about the project itself and the organization that is behind it. Additional information is also provided, including details about where the user’s money will go, what it will help do, a blurb about the organization, and a website that he can visit to learn more about its services.