Daily Review: Tech/Finance Companies are Launching Tools to Democratize AI

With AI becoming the most defining technology in the financial services industry and beyond, it comes as no surprise that tech corporations are heavily investing in existing AI talent and expanding the pool of employees focusing on AI/ML research and development. Interest from tech corporations for establishing themselves as major AI companies comes from the strategy to make AI the operating system across applications, products, services, and solutions. AI is already part of a suite of solutions at Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

As The Street shares, Microsoft products leveraging ML include Office 365, the Cortana assistant, Power BI business intelligence software, Dynamics business apps, and the latest version of its SQL Server database. Apple products that fit the bill include voice assistant Siri, the Photos app (object/scene-detection), the HomePod speaker (audio-optimization), and iPhone/iPad cameras (autofocus and lighting effects). Google, Microsoft, and Amazon’s cloud platforms each support services for building ML models, as well as APIs providing access to existing models for things like text, speech, and photo analysis. Furthermore, Apple and Google have launched APIs for iOS and Android respectively that let apps run ML models on a device.

A growing number of companies – tech and finance – are launching tools for talented entrepreneurs and developers to explore the technology of the future.

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