How this technology made banks super excited about contactless payments

Its called HCE - Host Card Emulation. Google brought the alternate card emulation method in Android 4.4 KitKat. HCE does not require a dedicated secure element. It acts as a software oriented environment where card data is directly routed to host computing unit by bypassing the secure element.

The first implementation of HCE was released by SimplyTapp Inc. when they lauched their NFC mobile wallet called Tapp.

Some industry observers have even started believing that the advent of HCE will help financial institutions worldwide make a significant dent in a crowded mobile wallet market.

Banks are looking forward to utilizing HCE in contactless payments. The following examples show how some banks have already gone ahead and either launched HCE commercially or currently implementing it in pilot projects or endorsing future implementations:

Banks that have made commercial launch:

Bankinter (Spain)< ...

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