Ten Restaurant Bill-Sharing Applications in the US

Sometimes splitting the bill may be complicated. We have all been in a situation of figuring out how to divide the check in a big company. Someone wants to pay with cash, someone with card. After figuring out who owes what, there is a pile of money and cards at the table. But it doesn't have to be complicated. There is a number of applications fitting all kinds of needs related to splitting a payment and even communicating. Evening in a company doesn’t have to end in long explanations how much has to be charged from one or another card. Variety of mobile apps will do all the math. Pick any and enjoy your next dinner or trip with friends without being concerned about the payments.

1. Splitwise (Plates by Splitwise)

Cost: Free

Availability: iPhone, Android, Web

Simple design and ability to create a group for a particular event makes Splitwise perfect for settling Friday night dinner checks with your friends quickly and easily. The built-in option to send receipts and reminders via email makes it easier to let your friends know how much they owe you and remind them if they forget. Splitwise is also good for tracking expenses for trips, rent, utilities, etc. Spl ...

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