TEP SmarTicket App Let Users Buy Transport Tickets

Movincom, the Italian consortium of companies and service providers, has launched a mobile payment app in the northern Italian city of Parma which can be used in the public transport. The app, called TEP SmarTicket, lets users pay for city center and metropolitan bus tickets at no additional cost. The app is available to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app was created by Movincom in partnership with local transport authority TEP and software developer GreenShare.

TEP SmarTicket is based on Movincom's Bemoov m-payment platform which lets users open an account linking their smartphone number to their credit card. The app can be used at more than 1,200 services anywhere in Italy.

President Antonio Rizzi, President of TEP, said, "The objective that I gave myself accepting my role in the company is just to provide my skills to expand the possibilities that new technologies offer in terms of digitization, streamlining business processes and resulting in improved services to the public. I could see that TEP already poses special attention to the development of these opportunities. I am confident that in the coming years, we will do a great job."

In 2014, nearly 50% of London’s population already had contactless debit or credit cards which could conduct transactions under £20 without the need for a PIN or signature. Contactless payments have been in use in London buses since December 2012. Cash payments were abolished in July 2012 which saved TfL £20M-£30M annually. There are currently about 70,000 contactless payments being made on buses in a day.

The introduction of the Oyster Card in July 2003, a pay-as-you-go card service, changed the way payments are made by passengers on buses.

These are encouraging signs for the transportation sector in Europe. Going cashless is saving them millions of pounds. By introducing loyalty-based programs tied to smart cards and prepaid cards, transportation providers will be able to lock in commuters and increase their revenue.

Priti Thakur

Priti has keen interest in digital money and fintech startups . She completed her B-School education this year and likes to write about innovation with respect to digital payments.

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