Tesco runs a Campaign to Highlight Powa’s Mobile Payments Technology


Tesco, the UK based supermarket brand, recently ran a new campaign at its Dean Street store in London. As part of the campaign, it offered a free lunchtime meal to the first five hundred shoppers over a period of two days. The main motive behind the campaign is to test Powa’s PowaTag mobile payments technology. The campaign itself required customers to download the PowaTag app and use it to make the payment by scanning the PowaTag QR code.

This promotion of PowaTag will run for an entire week till October 17th. Tesco is looking for ways to reduce the purchase time for customers and also reduce the queuing time. PowaTag technology will help Tesco understand how they can develop future technology designs, checkout processes and store infrastructure. This is the first time that PowaTag has been trialled for in-store payments.

Here is an illustration from the actual campaign:

tesco powatag

Tesco is seeking innovative ways in which it can engage more customers. Tesco had earlier conducted a pilot program at its Chelmsford store using Apple’s iBeacon technology. Tesco had developed a MyStore app to leverage the beacon technology. The goal was to send out marketing messages to specific customers based on their past shopping experiences. Powa also has plans to spread the new beacon technology across numerous retail locations. If the current campaign is a success, we can expect Tesco and Powa to tie up for a beacon based program.

Powa is making forays into the mobile payments space with its effective solutions. The company had earlier managed to sign up 240 retail brands for the $100 million launch of its mobile commerce service. Powa had also acquired Hong Kong based MPayMe for $75 million in order to enhance the PowaTag platform. The acquisition enabled Powa to integrate MPayMe’s Znap mobile payments technology into the PowaTag platform.

Powa now offers cutting edge mobile payment technologies. Back then, Powa had also launched its e-commerce app that combined elements of mobile payments, QR codes and audio recognition. This enabled an all-in-one solution for retailers and brands. The PowaTag app allows users to pay via mobile device using registered debit or credit cards. The app includes some interesting features like recognizing sound from the TV ad which includes a Powatag symbol. The audio tags then automatically link your phone to the product and allows for online checkout.

Such innovation by Powa has attracted big brands like Tesco to its product portfolio and the company can look forward to boast of some great industry associations in the near future.



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