This Texas Based Company has an amazing Passbook and Android Passes Solution, PassbeeMedia

PassbeeMedia was founded in August 2013 by Walter Chen (CEO). The company has received a total funding of $580K through Silver Linings Venture Capital. PassbeeMedia makes it easy for brands, merchants, and retailers to create Apple Passbook and Android Wallet Passes that can be distributed by merchants across all channels (TV/Radio/Print/Digital/Out of Home).

We interviewed Walter recently about PassbeeMedia and here is what he had to say - 'We’ve built the most comprehensive (iOS & Android), intuitive and powerful Pass Creation platform in the market today. Our solution works with all Beacons (PassbeeMedia’s Hive beacons and any other hardware manufacturers). We will be going live with a number of clients in Q2 of 2014. We already have a number of resellers, US and international, driving deals.'

PassbeeMedia is one of the few companies in the world with both iOS and android passes technology. They provide a high level of customization. The passes are location specific and if the merchant (say pizza hut) changes pass over time, it gets updated automatically for customers. From Safari page on Macbook, one click can help you save a pass to your iPhone passbook. This is the omni Channel experience that is possible today. For other devices such as windows PC the phone number can be used to send the pass. Passbeemedia is also working on Beacons based retail offerings.

Below is an overview of their platform:

  • PassbeeMedia’s tracking link technology addresses ALL existing marketing channels and allows the same offer to be marketed in multiple interaction points (QR Code, Toll Free Number, Email, Banner Ad, SMS).
  • It enables merchants to update in real time existing Passes who have been downloaded onto consumer smartphones.
  • Their solution delivers the same seamless Passbook experience to Android users. PassbeeMedia says that their technology covers 95% of all mobile devices in US market.
  • Their solution delivers full integration of Beacon technology to Apple and Android devices.
  • Merchants can also track specials, coupons and other promo’s with activity, PassbeeMedia gives you the capability to generate a Bar Code on the offer.

Lets Talk Payments took notice of the PassbeeMedia Solution because we believe Passbook and Beacons are powerful platforms for innovation:

Advantages of Passbook:

  • Comes pre-installed in every iPhone in the world.
  • Can’t be deleted by the device owner.
  • Can’t be deleted or modified by the carriers.
  • Key part of Apple’s roadmap as one of the building blocks of payments and other enhanced use cases (e.g., health monitoring).
  • Complements merchants/brands/retailers’ strategy around deployment of their own proprietary apps.

Why Beacons?

  • Beacons use Bluetooth technology – every phone has that capability, hence there is no need for custom chip like NFC (even with HCE, there are issues/challenges/limitations at the device level).
  • Low cost – Price is anywhere between $10+ USD per unit and battery life can be anywhere from 6 months to 2+ years.
  • Combined with Passbook and Android Wallets like PassbeeMedia’s Pocket app, Beacons can be easily deployed by any merchant without the need to build own proprietary app.