Texas based Gun Company Tracking Point Now Enables Purchase of Rifles via Bitcoin

Bitcoin has dealt with many ups and downs over the last year. The last couple of months however have been on the positive side with eCommerce giants such as eBay, Overstock.com, TigerDirect.com and even Stripe giving a nod to the virtual currency. Now a Texas based gun company – Tracking Point – has announced that customers can utilize Bitcoins to buy their smartscope rifles.

While bitcoin is a virtual currency that offers users anonymity, buyers of TrackingPoint’s products will have to undergo background checks before they are allowed to buy any firearms, Tracking Point V.P, Oren Schauble told Fox News.

  • A single piece of Tracking Point’s new rifle would cost around 20 bitcoins.
  • The rifles range in cost from about $10,000 for the low end up to the long-range which stands at around $25,000.
  • The company decided to have a go at Bitcoin after receiving several inquiries about it for their customers.
  • Tracking point handles payments via Coinvoice – a bitcoin payment processor.
  • Central Texas Gun Works is another company that enables its customers to pay for firearms and concealed handgun license classes with bitcoins.

The recent advent and success of cryptocurrency has the potential to redefine the company's monetary system, stated TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher - in a press release.