8 London Startups Exploring the Boundaries of FinTech

Only two years ago, FinTech startups from London loved to neatly categorize themselves into a familiar space, be it payments, lending, crowdfunding, PFM, banking, cryptocurrency or sometimes, gamification. Blockchain was not yet quite the buzzing space it is today. The year 2015 was a brilliant year for FinTech in that most startups started exploring boundaries within and outside of FinTech. I have noticed several startups applying themselves to solving niche problems utilizing existing innovation from multiple fields. Here are some wonderful startups I have come across, either in person or on the Web, that seem to be doing this type of cross-over innovation very well.


Brolly, set up in 2015, has been on several hot FinTech startup lists already; it also happens to be one of the few InsurTech startups on these lists. It does not handle the legacy challenges facing insurance companies (which are a h ...

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