The Apple of TV Commerce Could be Apple Itself

Last night dear friend and Apple Pay expert Brian Roemmele tweeted this:

He is almost always right. And we would come to know more on September 9th in the Apple product launch event. This is a subject we have been doing research on since few years now. And I can't stop myself from sharing our perspective on this topic. So let's begin with this infographic.

TV commerce is difficult. The attempt has been to make the consumer TV buying experience more fluidic. But so far no attempt has succeeded and needed an Apple-level effort.

1980 – 1985:

- Infomercials proliferated in the United States after 1984 when the Federal Communications Commission eliminated regulations that were established in the 1950s and 1960s to govern the commercial content of television

2000 – 2005:

- In 2001, NBC's Will and Grace invited viewers to visit at the end of the show and buy a $52 T-shirt like the one worn by actress Debra Messing in that episode. Within 18 hours, 3,000 people had gone online and purchased the shirt

2005 – 2010:

- In 2008, TiVo teamed up with in 2008 to allow subscribers to use their remote controls to buy new books featured on "Oprah."

- In 2010, Smart TV was introduced which helped users to buy through remote

2010 – 2015:

- In 2011, shoppers were able to buy product through TV via remote control

- Grey's Anatomy Sync for iPad was released in 2011 which was the first mainstream second screen sync app

- In 2014, t-commerce campaign is tried in Super bowl

Questions are many - Have consumers adopted it? is it ever going to be mainstream?

e-commerce started in 1992 and it took 11 years to reach 1st inflection

m-commerce started in 1997 and it took 10 years to reach 1st inflection

t-commerce has started in 2008 and we estimate that it will take 9 years to reach 1st inflection point...more to follow!