The Arrival of the New QR code

QR codes are transforming to be colorful and visually appealing. Israeli-based startup Visualead has launched a new version of the QR code which is dotless and said to be practically impossible to imitate. Visualead is helping brands make colorful, dotless and scannable QR codes which help in battling counterfeiting.

Nevo Alva, CEO and Co-founder of Visualead states, We think of our product as the ultimate marriage of QR code and image recognition technologies; essentially, an invisible QR code.

Visualead's technology easily embeds QR codes into any image or advertisement, blending the familiar QR codes that people know with the visual call-to-action.

E-commerce giant Alibaba is using Visualead’s technology to power BlueStar, a tool that prints out individual, scannable codes for individual packages. When customers receive their orders from the ecommerce platform, they scan the codes on the products using Alibaba’s Taobao mobile app to confirm the authenticity of the product.

As stated by Alva, the new version of QR codes resembles traditional QR codes with patterns of dots in all four corners. Unlike QR codes, Alibaba’s version can include images in the middle of the code, which can help with more visual branding efforts.

Visualead maintains a visual QR Code generator that makes QR Codes more effective by instantly blending them with any design. The dotless codes require the use of a secure scanner, which comes integrated with Visualead’s software development kit.

Visualead states that the new technology fades the look of standard QR codes by as much as 70%.

Visualead is an Israeli startup headquartered in Tel Aviv. The company has over 500,000 enterprises, agencies and businesses in over 200 countries using its platform to create visual QR Codes and mobile campaigns. The company had recently received $5 million from Alibaba as part of its Series B funding round.