The Future of Digital Payments: Queen City FinTech Demo Day

On June 1, 2016, the Queen City FinTech Demo Day took place at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC and gave area industry experts the forum to discuss the latest trends and developments in FinTech, and gave local startups the chance to pitch their companies to groups of potential investors. The morning session consisted of a number of panels, presentations, and fireside chats where the audience was told about the latest and most intriguing innovations in the world of FinTech.

The first of these events that will be covered is a keynote address by Jason Henrichs, a professional involved in venture capital and private equity and noted for his involvement in Maker of Things. In an intriguing talking point, Henrichs drew a comparison between the growth of the FinTech industry and the way Blaise Pascal, famed mathematician and philosopher, viewed the role of religion in the age of enlightenment. The way he illustrated this was with an X-axis and Y-axis as seen below showing all possibilities for the future of FinTech in relation to the ways in which people will choose to treat the advancement of FinTech.

What this graph shows is the two general options for the future of FinTech (move towards a new world order or eventually revert back to the status quo) and the two ways in which financial institutions can treat a potential shift due to FinTech (take action or do ...

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