It Takes Two to Tango: The 'Hidden Gems' in Banking Technology

Mexico City is in Mexico. Guatemala City is in Guatemala. Panama City is in Panama…easy. But it can get harder: I had lived in the greater New York City area for almost two decades before I learned that Long Island City is not in Long Island! (Yes, this post is about Banking Technology - getting there soon.)

I had also forgotten until I landed at MCI, the Kansas City airport, that I would have to cross state lines to enter the state of Kansas. (Kansas City is in the state of Missouri, for those who might not be familiar with US geography.)

And Lawrence, Kansas is where I met Suresh Ramamurthi, Chairman of CBW Bank headquartered in Weir, KS. Suresh is also CEO of Yantra Financial Technologies. The unassuming Yantra offices could be mistaken for those of a media tech startup in NYC's Flatiron district. It definitely not feel like a midwestern financial institution!

I had known Suresh for many years and had followed his pioneering achievements after he left Silicon Valley in 2009. However, I had to actually see it to believe it. And here I was, admiring the renderings on the whiteboard and poring over API documentation. All this while talking about our shared nostalgia in semiconductors, Google Maps and many other topics. It was particularly gratifying to be able to discuss APIs in financial services. Thanks t0 Amit Goel, LTP has covered that topic comprehensively over the years.

So, here's a banking technology-focused excerpt from my freewheeling conversation with Suresh, who has truly brought together the ‘Fin’ and ‘Tech’ in FinTech with his two companies. One of them is a regulated bank. The other is a technology company that offers itself as a banking technology platform for next generation money m ...

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