The Most Interesting Work With AI Is Happening in the Shade of Apple's Lab

The most exciting work often happens in the shade until the moment the results can speak for themselves. When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), the same applies to a range of large technology companies that are keeping some of their interesting acquisitions and projects within their labs until the moment significant achievements can be revealed.

Just within the last two years, companies like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce (PredictionIO), Cloudera (Sense), Intel (Nervana) and others have made some interesting acquisitions. For example, in February, Google DeepMind launched a new division called DeepMind Health and acquired a university spinout company with a healthcare app called Hark. Then in September, Google acquired natural language understanding startup API.AI.

Microsoft has not been lagging at all with its active involvement with AI startups either. In February, the company announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire SwiftKey, whose software keyboard and SDK powers more than 300 million Android and iOS devices. Later in August, Microsoft acquired Genee, an AI-powered scheduling service.

The list of interesting acqui-hires is vast, ...

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