The Most Promising Central European FinTech Startup to Watch out for in 2016

Imagine a situation where on a Sunday you need a new account to send or receive wire transfer because your existing account won’t work. What will you do? Well, there is a solution. You can create a working payment account from scratch that is a complete alternative to traditional bank account, load funds into the account and start making payments—all this within the same day! Worldcore, a Prague-based (Czech Republic) startup plans to provide all this with an intuitive user interface that requires you to provide an email address to sign up and some documents to verify the account. They back it up with advanced verification techniques in the background to make sure everything is legit.

Financial services incumbents are facing a lot of heat from FinTech startups. FinTech has been seeing disruptive ideas and products in every segment, and incumbents are merely able to manage to heal their injuries (reactive approach). Worldcore, which has global ambitions, is another startup from a less talked-about place in FinTech—the Czech Republic.

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