The Open Banking Story – MEDICI Roundtable Discussion

MEDICI has been at the center of several discussions on FinTech trends and developments around the globe. While there are a lot of events, conferences and talks happening around the world, the commercial angle of these discussions leads to a lot of noise, because of which there has been a real gap when it comes to the quality and depth of insights that come out of such discussion. MEDICI’s newest initiative – a roundtable with some of the select thought leaders across the ecosystem – is a proactive step which aims at bridging this gap and bringing out the best of insights stemming from both the industry side as well as the observatory side. By having a small number of panelists sitting together and brainstorming on key areas, – without having the marketing and PR perspective around the discussion – we look forward to bringing out some fresh, deep, and holistic insights for the FinTech community.

The first in the series of many more to come, MEDICI’s roundtable on Open Banking saw some of the prominent thought leaders coming together at our mini-innovation lab and discussing the nuances of open banking in the wake EU’s PSD2 implementation on January 13. Here is the list of panelists that participated in the roundtable discussion:

  • Salil Ravindran: Global Lead of Digital Banking Center of Excellence, ‎Oracle

  • Diwakar Mandal: Senior Industry Analyst, LTP

  • Bhushan Sonkusare: Vice President of Financial Services (FS) Advisory, Digital Business Transformation (DBT) & FinTech, ‎Sapient

  • Rajat Deshpande: CEO, Finbox

  • Ricardo Geromel: Author of bestseller Billionaires, Forbes co ...

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