The Second Wave of FinTech

MEDICIGlobal Head of Content

Hosted in mid-2017 by Canaan, the West Coast edition of FinTech Central(FTC) brought together leaders from some of the most successful and largest financial technology companies and dedicated investors to discuss the current state of infrastructure in FinTech and the future of the industry, touching upon personalization, the adoption of AI/ML in FinServ, and the impact of open APIs.

“The end goal for financial services companies is to make highly personalized recommendations and experiences available to everyone. Although not quite a reality today due to an archaic infrastructure, open development enabled by APIs can distribute these personalized products at scale.” – Michael Gilroy, Canaan Partners,FinTech Central: The 2d Wave of FinTech

Elena Mesropyan

MEDICIGlobal Head of Content

Global Head of Content, MEDICI

Elena is a research professional with a background in social sciences and extensive experience in consumer behavior studies and marketing analytics. She is passionate about technologies enabling financial inclusion for underprivileged and vulnerable groups of the population around the world.