The Secret of The FinTech Unicorns

As the density of FinTech unicorns club grows over years with amazingly innovative solutions being democratized, there is a legitimate question raising – who is next? Or maybe what is next? It should not be a question, as there is a path that takes Fintech startups through the rapid growth to become unicorns one day (aside from truly disruptive solution or idea).

Recognized leaders in FinTech across sectors share same hubs, first investors, adopters and approach. We have granulated the success path to see what bought tickets to the unicorns club to once small and unknown companies. Let’s start with the leaders.

Who is in the club?

Below are some of the FinTech unicorn club members across sectors. In coming years, the club will grow as there are at least 30 more companies with valuations close to $1 billion, such as Wealthfront, Betterment, Rong360, Wonga, Q2, WorldRemit, Taulia, Radius, Oportun, Circle Internet Finance, AnJuke and others.

The next step would be the understanding of the sweet spots within FinTech. Clearly, the density of the sectors varies, which creates different opportunities for entrants.

What is the right sector?

As specific as FinTech sector may seem, it is a broad term for a wide range of technologies powering everything related to money. According to Finovate, a set of conferences and events for FinTech startups to showcase their solutions, there is a clear skew in the FinTech unicorns club towards companies innovating in Lending and Payments.

List of Q2 2015 FinTech unicorns and semi-unicorns by sectors indicated that 29% of them are from the Lending sector and 27% are from Payments. The next biggest, interestingly, are Real Estate with 8% and Other with 8%. Insurance and Investing focused FinTech star ...

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