The Updated Google Search Offers Cutting-Edge Convenience: You May Never Have to Wait in Line Again

Google Search has a new feature that displays information about a business’s busiest hours. It allows users to determine the best time to visit a store or restaurant and help them better plan their time by avoiding rush hours and waiting in lines.

The tool is directly accessible from Google Search on all mobile phones with an Internet connection by searching the name of a business, and then tapping on its title. Along with other information about the venue, is a bar chart titled popular times which you can scroll through by day.

The feature works through the Google app on Android, or the Chrome and Safari apps on iOS. And while there are already a handful of apps that show you wait times for specific businesses, nothing compares to the aggregated information Google is able to collect from millions of consumers’ smartphones worldwide, opening the search feature up to millions of venues around the world. And no separate app can match the ease of use of Google which includes this useful information directly into search results.

This new data isn’t only an advantage to consumers, but business owners as well. It provides them with a broader picture and improved understanding of their location’s traffic patterns and busiest hours. This information can be very useful in optimizing staffing decisions and making other kinds of resource allocation and capacity planning choices.

Popular times reflect the kind of insight and convenience from Google that is unmatched, keeping it the leading search engine. Google is the third most valuable brand in the world, according to Forbes.