Thinaire comes up with a new Solution to Deliver In-Store Digital Coupons

Ready for NFC/Beacon Solutions from iPhone 6, Samsung and Others

NEW YORK, Sept. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Coupon clipping just got a boost with in-store mobile coupons delivered from the shopping aisle to smart phones... instantly redeemable at checkout. Thinaire, the leader in proximity marketing solutions, today introduced its ActiveShopper digital-coupon-solution that lets brands and retailers deliver incentives to shoppers when and where they're most receptive.

Thinaire has integrated loyalty rewards and coupon delivery into its cloud-based mobile engagement platform. This satisfies the number one goal of marketers – to interact with consumers while in-store and deliver value to drive purchase. Working with coupon aggregators, Thinaire offers digital retailer-branded coupons directly to shoppers at the point-of-sale; Thinaire's ActiveShopper will help retailers boost redemption while better measuring the impact of brand offers.

'This innovation meets the top-demanded feature from shoppers and marketers both: easy discovery and redemption of mobile coupons, in-store.' said Mark Goodstadt, Thinaire CEO. 'ActiveShopper works in-store, near store or anywhere our NFC and Beacon solutions are deployed.'

Thinaire is introducing this new solution at Super Mobility Week, just as Apple reportedly will announce its iPhone 6 with NFC. The resulting expanded consumer awareness will catapult mobile marketing and commerce will to new levels. Thinaire's ActiveShopper coupon/rewards solution is all part of our core value proposition - empowering marketers and retailers by 'driving shopper marketing...everywhere.'

Thinaire has been working with its key partners, such as NewsCorp's News America Marketing, British Telecom, YouTechnology, Smartrac, NXP and others, to ensure broad deployment of industry leading proximity marketing solutions, globally.

About Thinaire Thinaire connects companies to consumers via their most personal mobile devices using radio frequency (RF)-enabled media, places and products (e.g.: NFC, Bluetooth®Smart, etc). Thinaire's Mobile Engagement Management Platform supports brands' and retailers' efforts to enhance customer relationships and improve shopping experiences. Thinaire further opens new revenue streams by enabling point-of-advertising mCommerce as well as supporting the creation of new channels for distribution of digital media and apps. Thinaire and its client, Unilever, won a 2014 Contactless Mobile Award, for 'Best Marketing Program' for Good Humor's Share the Love summertime campaign deploying NFC-enabled media in Out-of-Home, Event and Retail.