This Dutch Startup has Come Up with a New Payment Terminal for Bitcoin

Bitstraat is now targeting the merchant space with its new handheld bitcoin payment terminal called The Handheld. Bitstraat already serves as a middleman and links bitcoin accepting merchants with bitcoin payment processors such as BitPay. The terminal comes in two different models - one with a conventional keyboard and the other with a touchscreen. Payments can be initiated via QR code scan and the terminals also have NFC and Bluetooth capabilities.

Bitstraat has teamed up with BitPay in order to promote the terminal in the merchant space. Twenty one brick-and-mortar locations have already signed up for the new initiative and will actively implement the new payment terminal. Although the Dutch central bank has warned businesses against the usage of Bitcoin, the Dutch market has a substantial demand for the increasingly popular crypto-currency. Bitstraat wants to proliferate the merchants with more and more of such terminals and has its vision of turning Amsterdam itself into a ‘Bitcoin City’.

Here is a video illustration highlighting the new terminal:

There have been other initiatives in the past towards payment terminals for bitcoins:

Ingenico Group and Paymium had teamed up to integrate Bitcoin payments on the TELIUM TETRA next-generation terminals. The new payment applications catalog developed by Ingenico Group, the Telium Tetra Marketplace, now hosts the Paymium app. This app is available on Ingenico’s new range of payment terminals for retailers.

OneBit, a Bitcoin startup, is developing an exclusive wallet app that will let users make contactless mobile payments. The best part about OneBit is that it would work at all merchants who are part of the MasterCard PayPass payment network. OneBit is able to securely convert bitcoin into the local currency, in real-time, by using BitPay’s platform. This enables payments at any merchant that has an NFC terminal.

Germany based startup Pey offers a terminal for accepting bitcoin payments that uses a combination of iBeacon, QR code and NFC technology.