This is How We Build a USD 5-Trillion Mega Blockbuster

Yes, we are creating something that has never been done before… A thriller RomCom documentary with a happy ending, with drama and intrigue portrayed by a whole cast of protagonists without any villains, and a few superheroes thrown in for clean sci-fi adventure. Oh, and it's co-produced by the best studios in Hollywood and Bollywood, and all other "woods" of note in between. It's guaranteed to be a super mega blockbuster with global appeal!

Why should you care? Because no matter what skill set you have, whether behind the scenes or out up front, you will likely have a role to play. This might just be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the best in the industry, for the greater good, and become rich and famous doing so. And guess what? Auditions are now on!

No, this is not clickbait. This is real. Paraphrasing the Bard: all the world's our stage, and we are all mere actors. The global population is hungry to be entertained with FinTech innovation, and we find ourselves performing against the perfect backdrop. We have a beautiful window of opportunity to shine in the spotlight, to put on the perfect act as an industry and satisfy a discerning, demanding audience.

If you don't like the movie analogy, here’s another one: think of the days of John D Rockefeller and the US railroad industry of the time. He was an influencer par none, who shaped the growth of US railroads to serve the needs of his oil business. That transportation infrastructure unified the country and was a driver for many other industries and the economy as a whole. Today, you can be an influencer by innovating in FinTech.

But you don't need analogies. Chances are that you are already an influencer. You get it!

FinTech is catalyzing the global economy with better, faster, cheaper access to financial services for everyone. From individuals to families to entrepreneurs to businesses to governments, FinTech is providing a potent new platform for inclusive growth worth $5T – yes, a trillion US dollars with a 'T' – that’s how large the global opportunity is according to Goldman Sachs – a new industry waiting to be built.

If you are looking at the FinTech industry, there is every reason for you to be passionate about what you do today or aspire to do tomorrow. You are the tomorrow! You are great at what you do because you believe in hard work and the pursuit of excellence. You work with people and are energized by collaborative innovation. You give before you expect, every day and every time.

You are not just a "thought leader" – you build, create, and add value consistently and iteratively. You just do it. You get it!

You also understand that you cannot do it alone. We understand that too. We are contributing towards building today's railroads for global innovation, a.k.a., the global FinTech industry that's connecting and catalyzing economies around the world. And of course, everyone has to play a part in this grand endeavor. We believe we’re playing a foundational role to support this new industry: research, data, engagement and collaboration tools to optimize our collective resources for the benefit of all stakeholders. We got started on this endeavor a few years ago: LTP is the world's #1 destination for daily FinTech insights and MEDICI is the industry's knowledge network.

Now, we are building LTP and MEDICI even further, expanding into new segments and geographies, supporting new experiences and use cases, growing and transforming in multiple dimensions. Needless to say, we are hiring!

However, there's only one caveat. We will only consider rock stars. Only A+ players. Only the best. We are very flexible with backgrounds and locations and titles, but we are only seeking current or future FinTech influencers, who are passionate about their work and want to shape the contours of this industry we love.

Of course, our casting must mirror the complexity and diversity of our ecosystem, so we are looking for star performers in all these areas, pretty much anywhere in the world:

  • Research and Analysis
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Content Production & Distribution
  • Operations and Delivery
  • Strategy and Partnerships
  • Something else that you think is important in this grand journey

If you think you have what it takes, we encourage you to reach out to us even if you would like to pave your own path in a unique role.

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