This Y Combinator Startup can bring Amazing Loyalty Program Experience to any Business

Dealyze, a recent startup right out of a recent Y Combinator batch (YC W15), has launched a service that brings a Starbucks-like loyalty program to any business, as highlighted by TechCrunch. The company is offering a mobile based loyalty program to businesses at a lower price point than competitors. Dealyze makes loyalty programs completely oriented towards its clientele. The loyalty program will be custom designed as per the client’s requirements, thus the client’s deals do not get posted on a shared marketplace, avoiding competition with other businesses.

Dealyze has a powerful theming engine that allows the company to custom brand tablets, emails, digital cards and physical cards almost instantly. Other loyalty programs often feel like entirely different businesses laid on top of the merchants' assets, not coordinated with the merchants' branding and personality. Dealyze makes loyalty programs that match a business’s look and feel. Businesses can also access an online business analytics and CRM portal that shows how many deals have been sent to how many people, how many deals have been claimed and redeemed, etc.

Customers don’t have to rely on traditional physical loyalty cards and can easily check in using an email address, a phone number or a digital card as well. Currently, 30 businesses are using mobile loyalty systems created by Dealyze. Around 14,000 customers have already signed up on the Dealyze platform. During its pilot phase, Dealyze helped businesses raise their revenues by 10-15%.


Dealyze can setup the loyalty system in a merchant’s store within 14 days. This basically involves setting up an Android tablet in the store where customers can sign up for their rewards account. After signing up, customers are prompted to install the store’s mobile app. Dealyze offers a web app and it's not one which can be downloaded from app stores. Dealyze also offers a physical loyalty card with a QR which launches the app upon scan.

Deals are sent to customers via multiple channels such as SMS, email, etc. Dealyze charges $0.10 for each deal that is clicked or redeemed. Customers can earn points either via the digital card or app based on their spend in the store. Customers can also earn points via a referral program where they can forward deals to their peers. For its entire service package, Dealyze charges $50 per month or $500 per year which includes access to an online dashboard for tracking deals.


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