TipEasy is More Than Just Tipping

Michael Lynn, Of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, Writer of 50+ papers on Tipping acknowledges tipping economy to be a $40 billion in a year, twice the budget of NASA.

Tipping is, by its very nature, an opportunity to show appreciation for value. It is very powerful transaction, which has been around in one form or another for centuries. Further, what is special about tipping is that it is nearly universal. While tipping norms vary between different regions of the world, gratuity almost always manifests itself as a result of some of the above motivators. The reasons people tips are various and depend on the person and context. Some tip when truly blown away by excellent service. Some tip simply to show gratitude, while others tip as a down payment for future service. Also, tipping can be a form of charity, which motivates the philanthropic side of individuals.

For TipEasy, these observations inspired a team to improve the tipping experience to align with the mobile revolution. Wesley Kent and Mike Kassin partnered with Vijay Anandakumar to turn their inspiration into actions. Mike and Wes have a background in the healthcare, which laid a humanistic appreciation for the subtleties of life. Vijay is an international expert in mobile fintech technology having worked in creating mobile solutions for several international financial institutions.

When the team first began their journey, they had a powerful realisation about the future of payments. As technology continues to increase the pace of our day-to-day lives, financial transactions will be forced to become more flexible. Consumer transactions for services as well as products will occur at rates in which the actual exchange of monetary currency will not be able to align with the exchange of the service or product. The team realised that this global trend falls in line with current gratuity practices and further motivated their commitment to enhance tipping.

Currently TipEasy has built a beautiful mobile software platform which embodies these notions. The current platform works on iPhones and Android phones and can be downloaded in the respective app stores. The TipEasy app empowers those who wish to show appreciation for the little things done for them with ease.

TipEasy is technically inspiring. The app's simplicity allows the ability to send a tip within 3 seconds. When sending a tip, one would open the app, select from a list of nearby gratuity service providers, choose the tip amount, and send a rating of the service experience.

TipEasy is powered by Stripe for processing payments. Stripe, which powers other large marketplace apps such as Lyft and TaskRabbit, allows for a highly secure payment processing system. This security is enhanced with TipEasy's own proprietary database security measures. TipEasy supports payments through ApplePay also.

Further, TipEasy is focus on providing excellent support to gratuity providers who make the gratuity economy work. This includes valets, shoeshiner, hairstyling, pet walkers, movers as well as many more cases. The ability to sign up for a TipEasy Tip Receiving profile is free. The payment received gets deposited in service provider’s bank account directly.

Those receiving tips can do so as an individual or as a company. Individual create an individual account, which then they can control directly from the app. They can check into their job but turning the temporary locator on in the settings when they get to work. This causes them to appear on users nearby list, the opening screen to the app. Additionally, companies can create admin accounts. The company admin account let administrators add as many employees or tip locations as they want. The company dashboard lets the company view all transactions and tips can go directly to employee accounts or to the payroll account. Also TipEasy makes tipping accountable and kills out the point where people feel Tipping must be outlawed.

On top of tips, TipEasy lets users give ratings and comments to give feedback to gratuity service providers. The gratuity service industry relies on excellence and feedback is crucial. Some of TipEasy's service gratuity customers who receive tips, argue that the feedback is almost more powerful than the ability to receive cash-less tips. The TipEasy team is proud of improving excellent service experiences for society.

Lastly, TipEasy understands the value that gratuity services bring to society. In part to show appreciation for the little things service providers do, TipEasy is providing a 5% bonus on the tips payments received by service providers. So if someone get a $5 tip payment, they will get an additional $0.25 cent bonus. That can add up to an extra $1000 a year. We are here to service individuals/company who are servicing the society.