TNS And Ingenico Team Up To Offer Point-to-Point Encryption Solution For Enhanced Security

Transaction Network Services (TNS), a leading global provider of Data communication and interoperability solutions, has expanded its point-to-point portfolio by acquiring Ingenico Group's On-Guard solution. With this augmentation, the company will be offering a choice of point-to-point encryption technology to its merchants and processors.

TNS’ managed point-to-point encryption provides a fully managed, end-to-end POS encryption service to merchants and processors by eliminating the transmission of clear card holder data within the processors’ network environments. The transaction data of the customer is delivered to the processor, keeping the customer information safe and secure. This suite of point-to-point encryption solutions was launched in 2010 by TNS in partnership with VeriFone and Trustware.

"We're delighted to be expanding our Managed POS Encryption portfolio to include Ingenico's On-Guard, which enables us to offer processors a greater choice of devices compatible with point-to-point encryption technology," Lisa Shipley, executive vice president and managing director for TNS' Payment Network Solutions, said in a statement. "P2PE has been recognized as an effective defense against data breaches, and with different hacking attacks seemingly hitting the headlines every month, it is critical that processors offer their merchants the chance to diversify their risk by using a neutral third party provider for encryption services."

TNS' solutions minimize the merchant’s up-front capital expenses by eliminating the need to pay ongoing service maintenance expenses and by reducing compliance certification costs. TNS P2PE solutions encrypt the transactional data and reduce the burden of security compliance requirements. On the other hand, Ingenico’s On-Guard solution provides an easy path to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The On-Guard solution comprises three certified components: an encryption module, a decryption module and a key management solution that protects the cardholder data with proven, non-intrusive encryption technology from the point of capture up to the payment gateway or host.

Rod Hometh, Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Ingenico Group, North America, said: Working with TNS will expand our On-Guard market offering and provide users with a range of additional benefits, such as access to TNS’ extensive global community which includes connections to more than 400 card schemes, banks, acquirers and processors. Merchants can also maintain control of their decryption keys and easily establish multiple processor relationships as their needs evolve. At the same time, we are providing TNS with access to a SRED (Secure Reading and Exchange of Data) certified encryption technology, the highest security level for point-to-point encryption. Our On-Guard solution is a format preserving encryption service which minimizes the changes necessary to legacy systems, making it easier and quicker to upgrade.

The need to secure payment and personal data has become a serious issue for merchants and processors. Security experts are still arguing over the merits and demerits of new technologies such as tokenization, encryption and EMV. With data breaches becoming a major issue, this collaboration of TNS and Ingenico’s P2PE solutions may be a ray of hope for merchants and processors.