Top 10 Wealth Management and Personal Investing Apps in the US

I have been observing the two popular categories given below.

Personal Investing: Digital capabilities for creating an online investment portfolio based on a financial and risk profile.

Wealth Management: Digital capabilities similar to personal investing providing private banking and asset management functionality.

Here are some companies that are doing a splendid job in these categories:

1. Motif Investing

Company overview & product solutions: ▪ Thematic investing allowing personal investors to take ideas turning them into investments with motifs investing in index-based funds with transparent exposure in a low-cost customizable product as the next generation online broker ▪ Trading platform with speed in investing allowing to buy 30 securities in 1 single click ▪ Personal investors have option in investing via a catalog of 130,000 motifs (professional or community) or create one from scratch ▪ Creator Royalty Program paying personal investors a royalty if another member uses it ▪ Social tools to create Investment Circles including discussion boards ▪ Motif Investing allows personal investors to invest any dollar amount in a stock or ETF ▪ Plans to expand internationally ▪ Future product strategy includes wealth management capabilities

Direct partners: Pershing Securities LLC

Revenue model:

Their revenue model is based on from commissions, margin interest and other fees.

Total funding & investors: ▪Funding received: $126.5 million ▪Investors: JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Foundational Capital, Ba ...

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