Are you one of the best in your sector within FinTech? Do you want more visibility and the ability to showcase what you are doing to millions of people globally?

The MEDICI TOP 21 LIST is an industry-recognized FinTech distinction. It is our global scouting initiatives to find the best 21 FinTech companies within an industry segment.

ONLY 7 companies are selected by geographic region (APAC, EMEA, and Americas). If you are a early stage disruptive FinTech startup or a growth FinTech startup making waves, and you want to be recognized for the impactful things you are creating, this is the list you want to be on.

How does it work?

  • The latest competition is promoted on, our blogs, LINKEDIN and other partnership advertising.

  • To qualify for the MEDICI Top 21, you must sign up for the FREE Startup Membership and fill out your ROCKET Profile (a deeper dive self-documented profile that you can update real-time).

  • Companies are ranked by the MEDICI Research team, experts, industry judges make the final selection.

  • Winners will have an article written about them in MEDICI News & Insights, given recognition through our various media channels and more

Interesting in sponsoring a Top 21 to get unique, strategic insights?

Contact us! You’ll be involved during the entire process.

Previous Winners

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