Top 9 Online PFM Software to Have in 2016 for Budget Planning and Tracking


BankTree is among the top software as it has a wide range of functions for managing accounts, reporting, budgeting and investment. Bank and credit union cards can be connected in the platform along with credit card accounts, but the function is not available for investment and retirement accounts. BankTree is great for budgeting as it can do everything one needs, it allows to schedule payments, set alerts and also copy the budget to the next month. However, the tool doesn’t allow bill payment or goal tracking. Reporting tools are as good as budgeting with an opportunity to track expenses and cash flow as well as personal investing. Speaking of personal investing, BankTree does everything other tools can do, but without the option to compare portfolios. Funds can be managed in a variety of currencies. Receipts also can be stored with the software, using the BankTree mobile app, which synchronizes with desktops.


Moneydance is different from other platforms because it also allows consolidating P2P lending accounts. It is available for mobile devices; the software allows scheduling payments, setting alerts and tracking budget. In addition, it has an online bill pay option. The reporting functions are extensive and allow access to reports on all expenses, cash flow and personal investment reports along with tax reports. Personal investing can also be tracked with the way the portfolio performs. However, the software doesn’t allow the comparison of personal portfolios in the marketplace. As described on the official website, Moneydance can automatically download transactions and send payments online from hundreds of financial institutions. It learns how to automatically categorize and clean up downloaded transactions.


MoneyLine is another personal finance management software powered by NCH Software. Like many other tools, it connects bank and credit unions cards and accounts, along with investment and retirement accounts. The software allows simple budgeting with overview and scheduling along with alerts. Bill pay options are included in the software as well. MoneyLine has all the functions for reporting: cash flow, expenses, personal investing reports, etc. However, it doesn’t have anything to do with taxes. Personal investment tools allow an overview along with tracking and portfolio analysis but don’t provide a market comparison. The tools allow an automatic download of bank transactions, track transfer between accounts and categorize expenses. However, the software is not available for mobile devices.

Quicken Starter

Quicken Starter is one of the options offered by Quicker. Starter is the simplest version with Quicker Deluxe and Premier being more advanced. Interestingly, the software allows taking pictures of receipts and storing them. The Starter tool is truly for starters and allows simple budgeting. Only bank and credit unions accounts along with credit cards accounts can be connected on the platform. Connecting functions for investment and retirement accounts is not available. Budgeting tools are quite broad, with a scheduler and alerts. Reporting is also advanced, except there is no option for personal investing reports. Personal investing management is very limited in this software and allows only an overview. In addition, Quicken provides 24-hour online support and has added new features of automatic bill pay due dates tracking and allows to pay them right within Quicken. Quicken even provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Buxfer is a great tool as it has an option to connect to PayPal accounts. Credit cards, credit union and bank cards and accounts can be connected on this platform. Budgeting is similar to other platforms and allows scheduling payments and setting alerts. There is no bill pay option. Reporting tools are also similar to other platforms and allow cash flow and expense reporting along with personal investments. The investing tool provides an overview, allocation analysis and performance tracking. High-grade, bank-level 256-bit encryption is used to secure any sensitive information stored on company's servers to prevent a third party from eavesdropping. Software fits for not only personal finance management but also for group expenses as well. It automatically extracts information on joint accounts to provide a report on debts between parties. It is also available on mobile devices.


You Need A Budget (YNAB) is different from other tools as it adds options to manage off-budget accounts. However, it is not suitable for complex financing. YNAB is probably the simplest software out of this list. The platform allows adding transactions from accounts from your financial institutions, credit cards and brokerage accounts. The program forfeits advanced features to minimize its simplistic user interface. If you are looking for a simple way to keep track of your budget, YNAB is the right tool. YNAB is available on mobile devices both for Android and iOS. YNAB also features Cloud Sync, which keeps information always up to date.


AceMoney is a simple online PFM software with reliable transaction tracking options to manage family budgets. The tool is great for keeping track of a lot of transactions, payees and categories and to organize handling money. Users can keep track of bank and credit unions cards and accounts as well as investment and retirement accounts. Budgeting tools in the software are very simple and allow scheduling payments. The reporting tools are broader and let users have an overview of expenses, cash flow, personal investing and have the option to export reports to a common file. Personal Investment tools in the platform are limited to portfolio overview, performance tracking and allocation analysis. The AceMoney personal budget software can also help to manage small Web business from home by syncing payments with PayPal, RegNow, RegSoft SWReg and Plimus. It also provides expense budgeting and tracking features for small business that mirror those for the household budget.


Mvelopes is relatively more expensive than other platforms. However, the tool is built for more complex budgeting cases and envelope budgeting. Mvelopes offers to consolidate tracking of all bank and credit unions cards and accounts. The budgeting tools are simple, with payments scheduling and tracking options for remaining budgets. Alerts can also be set on the platform. Reporting tools in Mvelopes are comparatively less functional. However, they allow an overview of expenses and cash flow along with a file type compatibility function. A personal investing function is also embedded in the platform with only an overview option. As the company shared on its official website, families paid over a billion in debts with Mvelopes and saved over $200 million. Mvelopes for Google Glass makes creating transactions with a receipt a snap. Users can simply tell Glass to take a picture while holding a receipt and share it with Mvelopes. Mvelopes then creates a transaction with the receipt ready for use within our mobile or Web apps.


iCash offers tools to manage budgets, track expenses and plan finances. Budgeting tools allow scheduling payments, copying budgets for coming months, tracking budget and getting alerts. The platform also has reporting tools to help with spending & cash flow reports, personal investing & tax reports, and opportunity to export data to common file types & tax programs. Personal investment tools give a portfolio overview along with track performance, analyze asset allocation, and track & analyze fund fees. iCash even allows to making market comparisons of portfolios and retirement goals. The software supports multiple currencies and is great for keeping track of personal funds in any form.